time to get out


So this is my first blog post, I’m liking it already. The sun is shining, and it felt like the right moment to start this project. I have thought about it for a long time, I have written a bit and read a lot, watched films, plays and other performances, listened to people, watched them dance…  I have talked and preached;

shared precious moments of exchange of true knowledge

and I have come to some conclusions. And now I have decided to share them publicly, starting here, today.

Since as far as I can remember, I have thought about life, God and love, about the state of humanity, about how to be… I guess many of us do. I particularly thought a lot about WHY we should be nice to each other and encourage one another. I felt, there must be logical reasons, aside from the spiritual, religious, moral or ethical ones. I remember thinking as a child, that if one could find indisputable reasons for why everyone should be nice to each other, people would change. I don’t know if that is true, or if I have found indisputable reasons, but I have found many reasons.

Along the way I developed a philosophy of life, the theory of the blooming society and the positive multitude. I have decided to publish this theory here, along with thoughts on current events, poems, short stories, quotes and other things that come to my mind…

I hope that many readers find their way to this blog, and that it’s content inspire people.

With love

Susan Florries


2 thoughts on “time to get out

  1. Hi Susan, that’s a great start, thought. I’ll definetivelly try to find out here more about blooming society and the positive multitude theory. Cheers, Mike

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