Plato’s Cave by Sam Weiss

narrator: orson wells, animator: dick oden, music: larry wolff

This is the best thing that I’ve come across this week,  since a while actually, and it reminded me of that so many insightful and great people has existed at all kinds of moments and places in history. I got the info about the makers from the credits at the end of the film and the Long Island University Libraries…

The tale of the cave of Plato is such a wonderful critic of society, it is metaphysical, almost sprititual, and so many other things.

The beginning of it reminds me of something I read a while ago about us partly copying the synaps-connections of our parents when we are children. The synapses more or less decides how the different parts of our brains are connected. So, we are physically programmed to, partly, process and react to knowledge and stimuli more or less exactly as our parents would.

Talk about having our heads in chains… (see movie)

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