being the best at being a unique being

All beings are unique.

This gives that a particular being can only be “the best at” being the unique being that this particular being is.

How can you compare yourself to others if everyone are unique? Sure, comparisons can be interesting, for example, they can help you see in which areas  your talents are the strongest, or what is better or not so good for you under given circumstances, but there are no guaranties for that.

To really compare two things to each other fairly to decide who is the best in some aspect, they would be required to be tested under the same circumstances and well, considering the fact that all beings are unique and that we all experience everything in a unique way, according to my opinion, this is as close to impossible as something can get.

A good example is taste in music, which is so obviously unique for every individual. We might consider a piece of music good or bad, but something that I dislike can be a fantastic experience to someone else. There might even be music that most of us consider horrible, lets say an unfinished, falsely played cereal commercial to choose an extreme. Hearing even this tune might for a particular person be an enlightening musical experience, and if it can be that, can it not then, under given circumstance, be the best for someone? In one aspect “the best”?!

What does that say about being “the best”?

Look, if a piece of music wins a competition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best piece of music in that competition, but more that it was the piece of music that most of the jury liked at that given moment in time. Ok, lets take another example. Lets take a running competition. If a runner wins a race in an arena at a given moment, it shows just that – this runner was fastest at that given moment in time under those circumstances. But does that make this runner the best runner of those who participated in the race? No, it doesn’t, because the runners are all unique; someone of them might have had a bad day another might be insecure, yet another might be really fast but haven’t developed their technique yet…

I think that one could reason like this around any competition or comparison etc which should decide who is the best. Yet, in our society, we are told to be the best, find the best, buy the best, every day; as if this was possible at all. How come? What effects does this have on us?

It is a true Sisyphus tale – you know, the guy who in Greek mythology who forever has to push a stone up a hill just to see it roll down again right before he reach the top –

trying to be the best or finding the best is a pointless task that can never be achieved, even if we try eternally…

except for when we do what is natural for us: being the best at being ourselves.

We are all the best at being the unique being who we are.

sisyphus on vase from nekyia (wikipedia)
sisyphus on vase from nekyia (wikipedia)


3 thoughts on “being the best at being a unique being

  1. hey dude. cheers for the comments. i dig your gear, and like your mental wavelengths. i’ve added you to my blogroll (you’re the first one on there too; ain’t you special… and unique :-P) hope that’s cool.

  2. ‘We are all the best at being the unique being who we are’ … I love this one! We’re already perfect here and now! The rest is just a matter of enjoying the play, dancing with life’s melody. Blessings, Mike

  3. Hey Mike, thank you for your nice feed back, I am happy you picked this one – its a clear favorite subject!

    There are quite some more texts on the Blooming Society and the Positive Multitude coming up, the texts are out on feed back round – hope you will check them out later! I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well,


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