This evening I have been thinking about love, and how it just grows and grows. How I endlessly seem to learn how to love deeper, more, all the time. I guess we learn about it every day, but sometimes, love just strikes upon you, opens up as well your heart as your mind – or is it the heart which is opening the mind? In any case, the everlasting power of love which makes our consciousness change, evolve….  Makes our thoughts take new roads, and move, in new circles, new patterns…

In the theories of Quantum Theory and Quantum Consciousness, there are people saying that how we observe things or beings actually are and act, physically as well as mentally. It has been discovered that the movement or behaviour of atoms is influenced by observation, actually, an atom does not “jump into place” before being observed. What this observer is to be understood as scientifically can surely be debated, but lets be creative with some metaphysical consequences of these theories.

This means that what many wise people have said for a long time actually could be true – we can change our lives and the lives of others through the way we think about them, and that even on a physical level.

If I love and expect love, I will receive love, at least to a certain extent. Since we create our realities together with all beings (and all matter? what is and what isn’t conscious?), we are dependent on the thoughts of others to change our life. Therefore psychic violence can be just as or even more terrible as physical violence, since it can trap a persons soul, and prevent it from developing.

Love can set a soul free, free to grow and spread love on its own… Love that comes back to you, mentally, physically, through projections, through thoughts as well as acts.

If you spread love, you will actually get it back, just from the well thoughts of the person you just spread love to, and the environment which experienced you doing so. You might get it back double, triple, ten times what you have given, maybe more – no one can know how much love one gives or receives, there is no sure measurement of love known to man. Maybe love is measurable somehow, but since we so far only can experienced it, and all beings experience reality in a unique way, we do not know how to compare amounts of love in different people. One thing is for sure: there is no use in gathering love, letting it flow on is just getting you more love in the end.

And, to get back to what I was thinking about, wow – does love open and raise a person greatly. When I feel my heart opening, I can feel my soul landing more in me – I become wiser and greater as a person. It is the best beauty cure – it makes you radiate with inner beauty. It heals pains and fears and makes me relax my neck after long days.

Love is essential in meditation, it is the basis of the feeling of warmth which spreads in your body, the very foundation of relaxing. It is letting yourself feel well. It is wishing others to feel well. And its power is enormous.

Love overwhelmed me today, like love does sometimes. It opened my heart towards many things that I had forgotten to forgive, and things which I had more or less consciously chosen not to forgive. Now I forgave, and oh, I feel so much better. And wiser.

And if you should believe quantum conciousness-theory, and many teachings on spirituality and God, I probably became wiser today.

Through LOVE.

The traditional Chinese character for love (愛)
consists of a heart (middle) inside of “accept,” “feel,” or “perceive,” which shows a graceful emotion
I was writing this listening to Sacred Spirit Radio on playfm

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