In protestant, well now more secular, Sweden, we serve mass on Sundays at 11 o’clock, like many who practice Christian faith. So each Sunday, weather I want it or not, I come to think about religion.

I was baptized by my own wish when I was 7. My parents were not really religious and they did not want to force me into anything. When I was born in Sweden in 1977, religion was widely considered to be a very personal choice, and often looked upon like an “opium for the masses” (Marx). But my parents, especially my father, had their private belief in GoddessGod, and I always strongly believed in GodGoddess, and I came to believe in Jesus. I also came to believe in angels, spirits, ghost, demons, magic, fairies, trolls and other powers.

When I got to know more concepts of GodGoddess, or the universal soul/consciousness, in Taoism and Buddhism I integrated these views into my beliefs, and when I got into shamanism and Wicca my understanding developed further. The later two also helped me to integrate my beliefs in spirits, fairies, magic etc into the picture, and like this I have been going on learning.

At the same time, philosophy and all kinds science have made me understand existence and GoddessGod in new, amazing and very inspiring ways.

Altogether, I have built my understanding of existence and GodGoddess by letting myself be enlightened of and inspired by many different sources.

I find it wise to believe that there has been(there is) human beings who have been(are) so in love, harmony and understanding with existence that they intensify their communication with and openness towards GoddessGod to an extent which makes them profoundly enlightened. They can then become prophets – a clear channel for divine love, inspiration and power, and words which helps others get closer to GodGoddess.

However – to believe that one of these individuals, these prophets, should have been able to express the whole truth of what we call GoddessGod is, according to my opinion, simple-minded. It is also believing to much in things like the capacity of the human brain and constitution, not to talk about the capacity of the human languages. Therefore it has never been an option to me to believe that any single religion holds the real truth about GodGoddess.

But I do believe in GoddessGod, in my own way. I also believe that the power of love is the strongest power of all, I believe strongly in the power of thought, intuition and persistence, and that one need to handle these powers with care and attention.

I find it hard to describe GodGoddess like GoddessGod is, I feel that no one can do that, but maybe everyone can actually do it,  in their own, special, unique, way.

But to describe it like a universal truth???

I mean, how do you describe feeling?

Or being alive?

How can you truly describe the 6 hour long sunrises over the waters of Stockholm on midsummer mornings or the intense winter silence in the deep forests of the Scandinavian north; the views from the high Alp tops of Austria or the power and beauty of the fertile earth and floods around Vienna; the special light in the air on Mallorca, where the high concentration of moisture in the air is making the sky look so close…

I believe that there are power(s) and knowledge which are beyond our capacity of understanding, but that every human can experience all of them and some can even find the words to tell us about these experiences. To listen to them is wise.

But to follow anyone’s words blindly I believe to be neither wise nor the point of them telling these wisdoms to us. I think that the point is to help us all to experience life more profoundly, for us to love more, experiencing GoddessGod deeper and deeper… They do this for us to live a better life, so that there will be more harmony and love in our societies,

and so that we might find the words to contribute to the human understanding of existence and GoddessGod with our own unique knowledge.


3 thoughts on “believing

  1. Hi,
    I´m with you, all the way –when it cames to grab on to a surtain feeling. If that feeling ”feels” good, hang on to it. Whatever is starting to spark that feeling, is irrelevant. If it sparks, and if that light lights up a smile, your on the right path! If that light makes person to think –and after a while, to nod, then then you’re in company of a friend! Keep up the brain action Susan, lot’s of interested people are standing nearby …nodding, or wagging their tails!

    /Jonas och Vimpa are nodding! (Is there a tail involved?)

    1. thank you both for commenting – i am so very happy you like this –
      i’m glad to inspire more tail-wagging in the world 😉

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