disciplina – a goddess, a fairy: a way of life

Discipline Fairy By Nemesis Now

I found this beautiful image made of Nemesis Now at http://dragonsanddarkfairies.co.uk with the following text describing it:

Discipline is standing with her small pet dragon on her arm. She looks like a strict teacher as she seems to pass her training thoughts to the baby dragon.


I think that the image also tells the tale the other way around: the baby dragon is transferring its wisdom to the fairy as well. Looking at the branch one cannot tell if she is holding up the branch for the dragon, or the other way around? I believe that they are leaning on the same branch – a branch of the gathered knowledge of all Eternity- which they are both constantly contributing to. Considering the myth of the enlightened mind of a loving dragon, the following question also rises – who has the “most” wisdom? Is there such a thing? And does it matter?

I think the amount of wisdom does not matter, and that every being have their unique wisdom and discipline –  basically: their own way. This image reminded me of that, and that wisdom is not restricted to knowledge, sex, race, kind or level of existence – all beings have their unique wisdom, and all beings can reach the top of expressing that wisdom, partly through discipline.

All beings always have something to teach us at all time, since all beings actually express the highest form of what they have been capable of developing under the circumstances which we all live in. And no matter how lost someone seem, she or he or it might give you that one piece of information that you need at this very moment to form your own discipline.

This is what makes the grand masters I think: that they know that they are always as much a student as a master

It is good to remember that the Goddess Disciplina was an important but minor Goddess, pointing to that you can have several varieties of her – several disciplines in your life. But maybe it also says that you should not exaggerate the amount of different disciplines in your life, nor take discipline too seriously, or better said, not to obsess about this Goddess. Sometimes learning a discipline takes you on unexpected paths, where you have to let go of discipline(s) in many life areas for the time it takes you to transform and evolve. It can be difficult for the confused mind to know how to impose discipline to get further on the best or at least the desired way:

sometimes I think the best is to just wish for healing and go with the flow, which this is also a form of discipline…

In the end, discipline plays a very important part in reaching fulfillment: if you want to express yourself in this dimension, it is indispensable to have it.

Latin word disciplina was especially used to refer to military training, but could also mean “education”, “ordered way of life”, or refer to the results of training; and it was also used in the modern sense of “body of knowledge” or “science”, such as is applied to a philosophical or scientific study or system.


In Roman mythology, Disciplina was a minor deity and the personification of discipline.[1] The word disciplina itself, a Latin noun, is multi-faceted in meaning; it refers to education and training, self-control and determination, knowledge in a field of study, and an orderly way of life.


Her chief virtues were frugalitas, severitas and fidelis—frugality, sternness, and faithfulness. In worshiping Disciplina, a soldier became frugal in every way: with money, with energy and actions. The virtue of severitas was shown in his focused, determined, not easily dissuaded, and decisive behavior. He was faithful to his unit, his army, the officers and the Roman people.


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