Weird “New World Order” Debate article published today in the most influential swedish newspapers: DN and SVD

Today there was a debate article on written by Bo Ekman from the Tällberg Foundation, promoting some kind of New World Order in Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet, the two most influential newspapers in Sweden.

The headline of the article was: En ny världsordning ett måste efter debaclet i Köpenhamn = A new world order is a must after the debacle in Copenhagen. Here a quote from the article which summarizes its message:

Men om nu 192 nationer ändå skulle ha kommit överrens om det ”perfekta avtalet”, så saknas i upplägget den tillsynsmyndighet som med ekonomisk, polisiär och militär makt skulle ha kunnat korrigera de nationer som av olika skäl inte skulle möta åtaganden och mål.

But if 192 nations would have agreed on the “perfect deal” (in Copenhagen), the idea/plan were missing the control instance, which with economic and military power as well as a police force could correct the nations which of different reasons would not meet their commitments and goals.

One of my comments on this debate-article:

First of all, this article has very little to do with the climate crisis, and very much to do with global power.

I am a citizen of the world, and would love to live in a more democratic society on a global and a local scale, in cooperation, understanding, exchange, justice – peace and love! But I want to avoid a world government with a world army which has too much power and is ruled by some obscure elite – which is almost reality already.

Unfortunately there are well founded worries that Mr Ekman (Tällberg Foundation) and his friends are supporting an small part of society – the “elite” – some of them even without thinking about it. And of those who know what they are doing, many believe they are doing it for a good cause. Others are thinking that they are just behaving pragmatically.

Many things that Ekman wrote in his article are true: he talked about the urgency in solving the environmental crisis and UN:s apperent incapacity in doing so. The problem is that he is presenting irrational solutions on real problems. There are guaranteed many better and more constructive ways to solve humanities problems than the one which he suggests.


2 thoughts on “Weird “New World Order” Debate article published today in the most influential swedish newspapers: DN and SVD

  1. Its good to know that there are alot of people out there like you, who can see past the lies. can look into the history, are perceptive enough to see the signs and motivated and care enough to speak out. I know it is important to make people aware and I am doing my bit with my blog. but i keep asking what is the next step, how do we stand up and make a difference. If everyone says NO then they are screwed. But how do we get so many people to say NO all at the same time? this is what it will take. the movement must be a non violent one with people who are willing to lose everything.dont get me wrong im not against new world order. I think the Idea of a one world government would be good no more fighting. same laws for everyone. same rights for everyone. the problem lies with the fact that the powers that be are EVIL and they are NOT the right people for the job. A one world government can only be run by somebody completely selfless. someone who can lead by example. someone who has compassion. not a White house that is at the foor of an upside down pentagram. (see my blog for picture).

    1. These are all good questions! I like your blog, although there is not much on there yet. But I am very connected to Wadjet – the Lioness that will rise in our times. The all seeing eye is maybe about that all will see – I think anyhow, for us to evolve, more must see the worth of diversity and unconditional love! Therefore I think it is important not only to spread information on the mislead attempts to control our evolving society, but to spread information on why we should love each other, be there for another – and how this will enhance prosperity and happiness for ALL. This is what people need to hear most about – I think =)

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