on creating reality by our thoughts going backward in time

Eternity exists without time, outside of time, disregarding time.

In this BBC documentary they say that some physicists today seriously believe that our interpretations of reality affects the functions in the universe when it was created, thus we are constantly contributing to the process of creation. Others say that there are an infinite number of parallel universes, literally just a quantum leap away all the time – if time now exists, which is doesn’t in quantum calculations.

These are my notes from watching it a while ago:

Our interpretations of reality reach “backwards” in time and the world is re-created. We create our reality with our power of observation and interpretation.

Assume that the Source – assuming that it is real – sends impulses for us to continue to interpret and bring our interpretations in line with love/bliss, so that love and bliss – the basis of the force of life and creation – can reach through in our creation, in our universe. The more we interpret a reality which is love and full of bliss, the more this power, the power of life, is let through. And when we create societies based upon other forces, they will crumble and die with time cause they deny the power of All that Exists. The true nature will always brake through in our interpretations – it is in our nature to interpret with love and compassion as our guidelines. When we are in line with this flow we are the most powerful because we connect with that which is really real, that which is existence it is All: love, compassion – life force which is just creating, more and more elegantly, all the time…

If the currently fashionable M-theory is right there are eternities of other dimensions inside an on appearance empty glass – and eternities of energy in every molecule, just a particle leap away…

Through every molecule one can reach these other dimensions and realities. This is what the shamans call travelling through the wheel of time, which actually kind of feels / looks like going through a tunnel.


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