What would you do to stop the sealhunt? http://bit.ly/aof9iF

Canada – if you cancel the sealhunt, I will host a Canadian-themed party. What would you do? Make an offer here: http://bit.ly/aof9iF

and support this campaign from Humane Society International/Canada

The ices are melting, the seals are dying anyway, no one is really interested in buying their fur any more and Canadian government is considering to purchase “sealing licenses and investing in economic alternatives in the communities involved” to stop seal-hunting – so what are we waiting for –            LET’S SAVE THE SUPER-CUTE SEALS =)

From:     info@hsi.org
Subject:     Guess who else is ready for the seal slaughter to end

April 6, 2010
I’m heartened by the latest news out of Canada: A recent poll just found that many Newfoundland sealers consider ending the hunt to be the best option after all. Ask your friends to join you in telling the Canadian government to stop the killing now!

In the survey, half of Newfoundland sealers holding an opinion support a federal buyout of the commercial seal hunt. This plan would involve the Canadian government purchasing sealing licenses and investing in economic alternatives in the communities involved. Economists tell us that such a plan would cost Canada far less than keeping the seal hunt going.

A sealing industry buyout makes perfect sense:

Prices for seal fur are falling fast following the European Union ban on seal product trade.

Around the world, commercial sealing is coming to an end, with Russia having banned its commercial seal slaughter last year.

With sea ice continuing to deteriorate, sealers face dangerous conditions and fewer seals are surviving the birthing season.

And sealers are feeling the impact of a boycott of Canadian seafood that will continue until the seal slaughter stops for good.
Given all of these factors, it’s outrageous that the Canadian government continues to subsidize the commercial seal slaughter — even increasing the hunt quota by 50,000 this year despite the deaths of thousands of seal pups due to poor ice conditions.

We must keep the pressure on! Thousands of people from around the world are pledging to do whatever it takes to convince Canada to stop slaughtering seals for their fur. I’ve been asking my friends to send Canada a message. Please ask your friends to do so, too.

Within days, the sealers will reach the few pups who have managed to survive, clinging to tiny pans of melting ice. So let’s pull out all the stops and get every animal lover we know to stand up for seals today. You can update your Facebook status and Tweet your pledge to challenge your friends to pressure Canada to do the right, reasonable thing.

Thank you so much for standing with me and tens of thousands of caring people from around the globe who are helping protect seals.


Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director
Humane Society International/Canada

One thought on “What would you do to stop the sealhunt? http://bit.ly/aof9iF

  1. This campaign actually failed, really sad… We need to watch out for the animals that we have at the moment, I wish more people would feel that and act upon that feeling. Dying and killing is a part of existing, but that does not mean that we have to exaggerate it, nor that we can do it as thoughtlessly as we do…

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