we are One True Love evolving into being One-And-Apart in True Love

we are One True Love evolving into being One-and-Apart in True Love

Very simply put, I believe that Existence is True Love as One becoming True Love as One-and-Apart, where every part has free will and is unique. I believe that every part of Existence is helping all the other parts to reach more understanding of Existence, and through that, we will all be able to live freely according to our true nature, which I believe to be True Love.

When it comes to True Love I feel this as a force which comes from the very core of Existence, and it is both light and darkness – it is the true nature of All. I had a vision once picturing this force as a mass of stars and darkness flowing out of something which seemed like a “black hole” in a spiral kind of formless form. With this vision came a deep sense of true LOVE – and I really cannot find the words to describe that, but it has to do with openness.

So far we are still suffering a lot of “birth-pain” in the process of becoming One-and-Apart in True Love, but I think that this is changing, at least in our part of the Universe, but maybe in our entire Universe or even the Existence as a hole – who knows – and that this is what is bringing us the so called New Age.

we are One True Love – spirit and mass – evolving into being One-and-Apart in True Love in constant chaotic beautiful order

Twitter version: we are #One #True #Love#spirit #and #mass – evolving into #being #One#and#Apart in #True #Love in constant #chaotic #beautiful #order

Here a fairytale I wrote about this in 2003:


“Once upon a time there was True Love in the middle of Nothing. True Love was full of joy and harmony, but it was lonely, it had no one to share everything with.

So True Love made a hard decision, and split itself into billions and trillions of pieces, screaming of pain, but also singing in joy! Because True Love knew, that once all the billions and trillions of pieces had fallen into harmony, it would be able to see and love itself as the wonderful creation that it is! And it would never be lonely again.”

For Spanish and Swedish version click here


4 thoughts on “we are One True Love evolving into being One-And-Apart in True Love

  1. Sounds like you have had quite a journey =)
    I’m very glad you like the fairytale, the more I have lived with it, the more I feel it is a quite “real” fantasy…

  2. I want to know more about your true love life. Why did she come to such original decision? why was it lonely?

    1. I think True Love was One for eternities, but then again, this was before time and space, so who knows… And then, maybe she/he just wanted to try something new. But I have a distinct feeling, True Love wanted to experience to share love, living the wondrous of being loved, not just being Love. This is what my feeling tells me 🙂

      Much love to you!

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