On unconditional love and dark beings

Photo by my beloved husband Volkmar Geiblinger

Today I woke up seeing that the Evolver networks Facebook-admin had asked the question – what is unconditional love?

Further down among the comments the Evolver-admin wrote:

“Our idea of “unconditional love” may be based on certain ideals of certain religious dogma that may be unhealthy… or ideals, or even ideas (as John Lash proposes in his book ‘Not In His Image’) implanted by entities that do not have our best interests at heart. Lash believes the Gnostics knew of these entities and referred to them as “Archons.”

In answer to this, as well as in the light of the recent discussions on Dark Beings here on Evolver, I wrote the following answer – my point of view, here a bit better edited than on Facebook =)

The only condition there is to be loved is to be alive in the broadest sense imaginable of the word – I for example consider dead people to be alive – energy transforms into something else, it does not disappear.

We are all one, connected, even science shows this these days. So we love each other unconditionally whether we want to or not.

I see it more like that “they” – the Dark Beings, Archons, whatever the right name is, whatever they are, if they are real or just an idea – a symbolical interpretation of something that is going on in our mind – “they” have fed on our inner nature, our will to Love.

Many shamans describe the experience of meeting Dark Beings, or Inorganic Beings – a kind of alien race or a for us simply incomprehensible existence with a consciousness, that dominates us because we allow them to. Other cultures calls this demons, although according to some shamans mean that demons exist beside the Inorganic Beings as a separate kind of “evil”. According to shamanism the freedom from this dominance goes through the right way of living – more or less, living in radical freedom as a healed person.

Let me just say that I am quite open to the idea of Inorganic Beings because of my own experiences, and I lean to the “energy that we do not understand”-viewpoint. I also think that no matter what one thinks of this, I think that many can agree upon that our dominant societal systems, religions and/or these beings, programmed us/manipulated us or just foolishly fooled us to think that love equals some kind of comfortable, romantic, or at least verifying feeling .
– kind of saying “I verify your existence and you are perfect as you are”.  I think we are imperfect and “perfect” True Love as we are! There is a slight but important difference here – the latter is more connected to an existence in transformation.

“Non-transformative verification” is a part being a believer in a fairly static world with rigid structures – like those in our still quite dominance, authoritarian and punishment ruled society where good is good and evil is evil and the one is only rarely transformed into the other. In reality I think that we are in constant transformation from the one to the other. Living in radical freedom and impeccability releases the self from these structures, and thus releases the inner Nature – which I believe to be True Love.

True Love and equals to something like Openness – and I believe that this is the true nature of All. It can transform, hurt, feel like someone is ripping out a bad tooth, etc… It can also feel completely overwhelming, ripping one apart just to put all back together again… and it can feel like, or maybe better said, be complete Bliss.

With this Love we CAN love our “enemy” without feeding them our energy – because when we are open in this way, we don’t “romantically love” them or reinforce their existence, no:

we vibrate with that in them which is the same True Love – vibrating with openness – and then they hurt badly – or at least they stay far away. OR, I believe, they can even transform, if one vibrates “hardcore True Love”.

In Magic there is “there is no spoon”. In True Love there is just True Love.

This is my belief, my experience, my medicine if you like.

Thinking like this has made me ponder on, that if we do let ourselves be eaten because we imagine that we cannot control our power or, in more mundane words, we let our minds be uncreative because of fear, this might be our pepping to not give up on evolving until we master radical freedom in True Love – openness. Maybe this is why evolution of Existence, or the larger plan or (…) has evolved Inorganic Beings – to push us towards being free, or just to keep us from having to much power before we are truly Free Beings –
or for us to follow our own inherent wish for freedom and explode in True Love to achieve it.

Let me add: all I know is that I know nothing – and I admit that Dark Beings could be a construct of the mind, or aliens, or demons, or energy that we have misunderstood, or Archons or…  Sometimes I think of this as the Nothingness in Fantasia in The never-ending story =)

we are true love as one evolving into being as one-and-apart in true love


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