reflections on karma and practising unconditional love in the real world

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The discussion about Unconditional Love and Dark Beings is continuing on the Evolver-forum, and someone asked me how does living in unconditional love – or True Love as I call it – fit with living in the real world, without be taken advantage of. He continued saying that Karma is such an un-fair idea, that he detested the idea that we are suffering as a punishment for something that we have done earlier, and wondered if one then should tell a victim of abuse that they are just learning a lesson which they deserve and should love their abuser. Here some reflections on this:

When it comes to Karma, I think that this is a very misused concept, trivialized into some kind of punishment circle by our dominant institutions. How do we know that it is a punishment for a soul to suffer? Seriously – how do we know anything? How can we be sure that even the worst murderer cannot be “faster” (in the time dimension) enlightened that you, because suddenly it says click in this Being?

This is not at all saying that I promote that people should suffer, or murder, but that we really do not know anything for sure while walking in this Existence. Therefore I think that interpreting Karma is a very tricky issue easy to be mistaken on, even for an Enlightened Being, I imagine. I think that as A Being one is always “limited” to (or blessed with) interpreting of the Experienced, and no matter how accurate they are, these interpretations will always be faulty.

When it comes to interacting with other people I see it best to act according to our nature – which I believe to be True Love in Freedom, and here in this Existence we are evolving to exist as One-and-Apart in True Love. Please bare with me through abstract thoughts and I’ll get back to the practical ones:

Put into words, I believe that we were once One True Love and we wanted to Experience Loving. But only a truly free and thus open Being can vibrate in True Love, and the different Universes – Existence – are experiments around finding this. To do that we split up in unique pieces, free pieces – this is difficult, and I think what we Experience here on Earth right now is “finding our way” – which means making a lot of mistakes.

I think every time you walk into life you go through this transformation of being One becoming One-and-Apart, including when you go through a re-birth process while living, you re-experience this process. I see these re-experiences as steps in refining this process as a whole – and the “goal” is to Love each other, all the time, truly, even if we are a part.

At the same time, we are always at “the goal” – One-and-Apart in True Love as well as True Love as One, since at one level Time does NOT exist. I by the way believe that Experience always exists, and can be achieved with our without time.

By the way – do you know that there are scientists in theoretical physics that think that we are creating our Universe by sending signals back to the time to before the big bang, where all laws of physics brake down? This is what I am talking about – maybe this is how we create our reality, finding the way to express, vibrate in True Love with each other. I wrote more about this here, just some notes really:…

So – now finally =) – on a practical level this perspective brings with it the consequence that one can see how everyone are struggling to find their way to Freedom to get to vibrate in True Love – we all feel this way. And since we all feel this way, no one is really doing anything wrong or bad – they are just expressing “problems in our system” that need to be met.

Facing this can be difficult, and one can need help with it, and I think we should help each other in such situations and see it as an exercise in reaching freedom in True Love. In doing so, we promote our own True Nature. Therefore someone who is suffering is not only learning, but giving us an example – and a chance to help someone to freedom. Through helping we them we also help ourselves to freedom, not only because we are one but because such an experience can be very illuminating and help you understand your own process.

Now, with “someone who is suffering” I mean both “victims” and “offenders”, since they are both suffering from not being Free in True Love, although they might need to be helped/supported/inspired in different ways to become free. Maybe sometimes people even will be locked up because others experience them as too much harm – and I see no real bad thing in doing that. But imagine for a second a prison system who is inspired from seeing All as One in Unconditional, True Love – a place which truly works with love and compassion to free its inhabitants from beings slaves under their disturbed emotions…

So do we “deserve” the suffering we get in life? I think basically that we only deserve True Love and Freedom, in transformative peace. But I believe that on one level we have chosen to go through this process to become One-and-Apart in True Love.

I am writing on a theory called The Theory of the Blooming Society and the Positive Multitude which talks about this in a more scientific way, using deductive logical argumentation and science to talk about what we gain on loving each other

– so “I’ll be back” like we say in Austria – quite soon actually =)

I accept that the answer to the question “who am I?” is eternal

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