love flow

me last summer in värmland, sweden. photo by my friend Kristina Junzell, who I love deeply

It is time to pay attention
the moment to heed the call
I know you hear it inside you
you’re the one –
and so are we all

Earth is crying cause we hurt her so bad
but when I try to cry with her I have a hard time feeling sad:
my Being is overwhelmed with a feeling,
stronger than ever before
This time there is no hideout, so I surrender into my core

to Love – just listen to that word
feel it, hold it –
cause it is Love that is reaching us from all of Existence
and it will force us to listen and stop

take a moment, and a deep breath,
and then take a step towards a life you wanna live
where we are free to love and give

I wish I could say that I’m sorry
I wish I could say “don’t worry”
but the one I things I say is that we can touch the sky
you and I

I cry and I praise my tears cause they bring love intrinsically
freedom to breath yet deeper, to relax and be me
come my soul I open to thee
Open breath take in life’s mystery

I gently whisper,
slowly bring to thee
my inner silence,
the entire explosion of life that is me
to experience one another is reality
and “one another” is all

dare to experience what is around
we have gone too far, and our errors have been magnified
the truth of nature from this you cannot hide
Mother Earth is calling softly
I can hear her crying lovingly
She is reflecting the pain of you and me
and it works the other way around as well, you see
The universe is just one set of energy
what once touched is connected for eternity
mathematicians calls it entanglement
even our science has brought us the evidence
that all is one

All is one
One is all
You are unique
We divided from One to Many connected as One to Love
to live
– breath –
to see each other
to love one another

listen and you’ll know it is time to practise loving, decidedly


This are parts of songs I heard in my mind yesterday morning on inspiration from this blog-post:…
some that I wrote down on my amazing day and night during the sun/full moon alignment on the 26th of June this year =)


you are unique – all you do is ground-breaking


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