Dancing Into Existence

wedding dance
image by armin, showing me dancing with my husband at our wedding

I’m coming into Existence
blazing with rhythm – I’m here
swirling, dancing for all that I´m worth
living a challenge: accepting re-birth

I do have my slow days
GodGoddess can tell
but I know I’ll be just fine
as long as I keep creeping out of my shell

impeccability, discipline, reverence
those words are often in my head as I dance
you might not dig the way I move
might not understand it -I have my own grove
and so do you
only you can know what is the right thing to do
in your life

I dance as I sit, I dance as I lie
I dance in my head and feel how I fly
I dance as I sit, I dance as I lie
I dance as I meditate and feel how I fly

I’m dancing into Existence
I take a chance to finally be
entirely here and present
that is all there is to me

In love I take my steps
I follow the rhythm of my heart
I might not always know the way
I do my best, breathing, letting it flow – and that’s a very good start

There’s no way of knowing if I’ll “make it”
until then I will not entirely be
thus I keep dancing as much as I can
hoping to step into the freedom of being me

in love with Existing, unconditionally


5 thoughts on “Dancing Into Existence

  1. I LOVE this poem!!!
    I am sharing — this so beautifully expresses the Dance — the movement that rises within; the absolute integrity that is inherent within even if it is misunderstood.
    your sharing refreshed me. thank you.

  2. I very happy you love it =)
    Looking forward to dance with you, in mind, spirit and maybe even in person one day, who knows…

  3. Very good. What kind of wedding did you have? Was it a “hippie” wedding, so-to-speak?

    My fiancé desires a very open and fun wedding with fire hooping/dancing, drum circles, etc. But I’m not really sure. I’m trying to open myself to that culture more, but I’m a little thrown off by it. I like the culture, but I don’t know how to approach it.

    What do you think about the carefree, generally esoteric-driven culture?

    1. Well, I would not call it a “hippie” wedding 😀

      It was more a wedding which brought together traditions from many religions and cultures. Two friends of ours performed the ceremony, and even our parents felt very at home with how it went. My father walked me to the altar, and my husband was standing by it with both our families. We all stood inside a symbolic boat – made visible of lines on the ground, made out of sand. Each family member gave us one Element each, all brought from our hometowns (like water from Stockholm, where I am from). Then they left the boat, and the ceremony went on.

      The whole ceremony is too long to tell you, but it was beautiful and simple – some singing, wise words, some promises. Not too long, not too short – and in the end everone got to come and hug us in our “boat” – very emotional, a lot of love.

      Afterwards we had dinner and dancing, and a late night beach party – the photo above is from there =)

      Everyone thought it was beautiful!! Seriously, people still talk about this wedding, since it felt so personal, so much “us”. I can highly recommend to do it this way. One has to have calm talks with parents and relatives before, and it was really good to add some traditional Christian elements to the ceremony – it made us all recognize it, which was great.

      “What do you think about the carefree, generally esoteric-driven culture?”
      Is “esoteric driven culture” carefree?? I dont think so, on the contrary I would say.
      I am not sure that I understand your question, please specify =)

      Generally I think that contemporary “esoteric driven culture” is very multifaceted.

      1. “I like the culture, but I don’t know how to approach it.”

        well, I would say –
        be yourself – I know this is a worn out expression, but it is just true, and the best way to approach any culture. At the same time – be open to that this self can completely change – the ego transforming, like you wrote about on your blog recently.

        Say what you think in the appropriate moment, keep a loving attitude – and you will find the people in this culture who best suits you and your development.

        Sometimes people in the “esoteric driven culture” can be a bit overwhelmingly emotional, since they are just opening up. People in the middle of intense spiritual development can also seem absolutely crazy, dazed and confused at times, only to become completely clear and calm a couple of months later. This is of course confusing and tiring in a sense, but also exiting, interesting!

        I have friends of all kinds, some of them even laugh at all things esoteric. But that’s how I like my life – variation 🙂

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