Spiritual Conspiracy

Spiritual Conspiracy – Brian Piergrossi – Anuna “1901”

I am definitely a part of this conspiracy =)

I must say, although I find this video very inspiring and touching, it is somewhat narrow in its idea on what one can do as a “spiritual conspirator”, and I do not understand why they have to say “you will not see us in the media” – well, that would count me out, and I think I’m in…


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Conspiracy

  1. i can see that the intention is good, but if it’s anonymous then why do you put your name on it?

    And i don’t think that Love is the new religion. It’s ancient! It’s just that no-one has a clear idea of what that word means. Sometimes Love is not gentle! There is no need to work “behind the scenes” as long as things actually get done and materialize, so to speak, since we are talking of the awakening of the spirit. But the spirit can only awaken in truth and truth is the one thing that most people cannot handle. That’s why everything is taking so long. So this transformation will bring with it some not so pleasant moments that are essential to the transformation. This is a very ancient movement that many “lovers of truth” have suffered for and endured. If you want to be part of this movement you have to be able to truly embrace truth and overcome… This is not for the weak of heart, but it will bring forth a great strength forth in each individual that choses this path. The strength is that of endurance, tolerance and wisdom. And this strength paves the way of real Love. No need to be anonymous.

    Those who hurt us the most are the ones that need our support the most. By hurting others they are really just calling out for help because it seems the only way to get attention. it’s easy to hang out with those that are easy to get along with, but it does not make a change for the better. the ones that truly need to be embraced are the ones that are not always easy to deal with. Remember that the Light and the dark are part of the ONE. Both have value and need to be embraced.

    1. Maybe there is some kind of misunderstanding here, I did not make this video, I just posted it because in spite of that I agree with your very well formulated comment, I found it nice at the time. “Remember that the Light and the dark are part of the ONE.” – couldn’t agree more – here some of my thoughts on this subject – also an old post, my views has evolved a bit, but the general outlook stays the same πŸ™‚ https://florries.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/metaphysical-beliefs/

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