Witness statement of more than excessive violence by British police

“raindance77” quoted in a timeline of the events made by the Guardian (you’ll find it quite far down under this link):

“Violent thugs? I am a 21-year-old literature student and I am a protester. I danced to music on Parliament Square as people spray painted NO on the grass, I shouted ‘tory **** tory ****’ with pride, I got pushed to the police front line and charged by horses on two occasions (please see footage of charges on 24th and 9th). I am not ashamed.

If you want to look at thugs then look to to the police.

I am a girl of five foot two, I was pushed several times in the face, dragged on the floor and laughed at by police when I told them I had asthma. This is why people get angry, because people were being trapped and wanted to get out.

All afternoon we were told people were able to leave from various places but this was just not true.

I asked a policeman were I could go to the toilet; he pointed at the floor by his feet.

Another shouted: “Move, bitch, or I’ll squash you with my horse.”

Eventually, when the protests had died down and people were desperate to go home, a group of around 1,000 protesters were finally escorted to Westminster Bridge to exit; however this was a trick. What then happened was we were held on the bridge for hours in the freezing cold. The crowd remained calm, but after hours of freezing people began to chant “let us out” and then the crowd pushed forwards. Being small I was carried by the crowd and ended up by the police line. I was tired and cold and hadn’t eaten for 12 hours or had any water.

I screamed at the police not to hurt me because I was being pushed but they still went for my face, almost pulling me to the floor. A man to my right put his arms over my face, screaming, “Leave her alone, she’s a girl, she’s not harming you,” but the police began to hit him several times on the head.

When we were finally let off the bridge it was one at a time through huge crowds of jeering officers. We were told we were being photographed in case we had damaged royal car. But how this could have happened whilst we were kettled in parliament i don’t know.

What I will say is that by this stage the anarchists had fought their way out, and just lots of women and children were left to freeze.”


4 thoughts on “Witness statement of more than excessive violence by British police

  1. whilst I support fully everything you were saying and am disgusted by the actions of the police and hope you are okay, it saddens me that you and others put so much focus on you are a female to reinforce the idea that you felt powerless. i dont wish to live in a society where women are infanatilised as children. there was a height difference, yes, you were being peaceful, and yeah women feel pain harder with more nerve endings, but i think the actions are more worrying than who they are done to. to be more dismayed at women getting hurt only serves to the idea that its natural for men to beat each other up. again, im sorry you had this experience, i was kettled too, and hit, though luckily i didnt suffer the verbal abuse and mocking that you did. i think that is the sort of thing that is more likely to have been said to you as a woman, or someone they think they have power over. i wouldnt say women and children were the majority of those on the bridge, but i would say it was mostly the peaceful people that were left, because they were the ones who got bored getting stuck in violent pushes when there were obviously no exits and decided to sit around fires and chill. there was no logic to the punishment.

    signed a female anarchist of Lincoln xx

    1. This is a really nice comment and a valid perspective. I just wanted to note, that I didn’t experience this – I am only posting witness statements from students, since I do not think that the media is doing a very good job with that…

      “there was no logic in the punishment”
      You can say that again =)


  2. I’m not suggesting that this advice would have been necessarily relevant in a ‘riot’ situation such as the one last week, but worth knowing just the same –

    1. Well, thanks for your comment!

      I must say I disagree with much of the content of the video you posted. I think that this man is exaggerating, above all when he says “the police are not your friends” and things like “they all think like this and like that”, etc. I believe that there are all kinds of police men, and also different groups within the police, and not all of them are bad or “looking to score the largest amounts of arrests” as the man in this video claim that they do.

      In any case, it is good to think ahead about how good phrases and arguments one can use when faced with situations (involving the police) that has gone out of hand.

      It is better to be prepared – even if one does not use any of the ideas in the end, it gives a sense of security, which is good to have in relation to any authority figure, no matter they are nice or not…

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