Real Democracy Occupy Vienna 15.10.2011 – why we are here – in English

A 30 minute Youtube-documentary I made on the 15th of October Occupy/Real Democracy/r-love-ution demonstration in Vienna. Interviews in English, subtitles in English for demonstration signs + shots from the “talking stick” circle, which started the day.

Next global R-Love-ution: 11.11.11

Occupy Vienna directly occupied a big, empty house in central Vienna – Lindengasse 60 – the “Epizentrum”: (in English)

Occupy Austria on Facebook – link collection:

Film made by Susan Florries:

Filmed on the 15th of October in Vienna by:
Volkmar Geiblinger –
tyc_o –!/tyc_o //
Lisa –
livingfx –
S. Florries

Interviews by Trilight Entertainment
S. Florries and Volkmar Geiblinger: /

Distributed by Trilight Entertainment. Feel free to post this on blogs and web-pages etc which are supportive of and/or share fair information about the 99% / Occupy / Real Democracy Now / r-love-ution movements.


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