radical freedom

For me, the problems of the world are not the main issue at the moment. There are “problems”, systems, ways of acting, thoughts, etc in need of transformation. However, much more important to me is the challenge: to be authentic, to stand up for what you really are and what you believe, without fear of what “others might think”, to be ready to transform yourself with every step you take, to surrender, completely, to compassion and grace, which leads to feeling your inner love, true love and to live in true loving. That is freedom. That brings flow into living. And to live radical inner and outer freedom is the challenge – now.

Claim your space. Claim yourself. Be authentic. Breath in freedom, breath out freely. Surrender to grace. Feel whatever, let it go and become a vessel of compassion. Be what you are in every moment, and let it go, to be what you are in the next moment.
Be love. Live loving.
And all that in radical freedom.

NOW  : )   ❤

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and the waiting is over


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