Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution.

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Counting the days to finally get to read the upcoming book by my brilliant friend Lorraine Voss! The stunning cover is by her husband Don Voss
I am convinced that this book will be a hit – it deserves to be!

“It is with great excitement to announce that my book entitled Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution. is in final review and will be released within the next four to six weeks.

You will find this book to differ greatly from my blog posts and recent eBook as it is a narrative that centers on personal interactions with long-term benefactors, Nayeli and Alejandro, and friend, El Cuervo, who have been purposely omitted from writings to this point in an effort to protect their identities. It is filled with in-depth experience and discussion that assists in heightening awareness and the realization of authentic being.”
Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution.

“A profoundly beautiful and inspiring message for our modern world, filled with wonderful humor and profound insights. Lorraine Voss shares her story with integrity and openness, offering a subtle and engaging journey into the traditional lineage of ancient wisdom that will deepen any reader’s commitment to freedom.”
John Major Jenkins, author of The 2012 Story and Mayan Sacred Science


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