DARKNESS DIVINE – creating and loving through the power of grace

Simulation of a black hole in front of the Magellanic Cloud, Wikipedia

Liberate your mind, soul, spirit, Being from ideas and concepts about darkness. Open to Darkness Divine – a source of massive power that lies at the very core of You… Come with me on a journey during which we will discover and enjoy the precious gift which many have called “the return of the Divine Feminine”.

Together we will explore this “gift” and travel through our awareness and beyond, finding out more about it, feeling it and most of all experiencing it – deeper than our thoughts about it can ever go…

Throughout our journey we will deepen our access to both darkness and light, Yin and Yang – letting our Beings dance in more freedom, opening up to a massive storage of power as well as potential for more True Loving. During FOUR THURSDAY EVENINGS we will join forces and “dance along the lines of awareness” and beyond…

We will start with dancing into what can be called our “yin-power”, into darkness, into the unknown… In a loving and safe space, the fears of/in darkness are allowed to arrive, be acknowledged as well as transformed, if the time is right. Then we dive further, into graceful, compassionate Darkness Divine. Strengthened by this experience, we will dance with our “yang-power”, expand ourselves, grow, evolve… All in all, we will “dance with the mystery”, the unknown – into power, excitement and joy, as well as silence and tranquility…

We will explore our consciousness, be, dance, listen and practice communication as well as cooperation with our souls and our spirits through various meditation techniques and other methods.

Yin-Yang by Jim Thompson

We will practice letting the awesome power of “the divine” protect and heal us, at the same time as we open possibilities for healing for all beings connected with our pain and traumas. We will also practice manifestation as a journey, exploring our fantasy and imagination. Furthermore we will expand our tantric potential…

I look forward to learning from you as well as sharing all from spiritual to scientific knowledge, a fairytale or two,
some methods that I have learned, as well as three of my own methods:


Passion Flower Nebula by Carmen Hathaway
Protect and heal yourself from all from projections to your own traumas through surrender. Plant multidimensional flowers and let the awesome power of grace, True Love, True Loving and the Divine do the work for you. Open pathways for healing for everything that is connected with your pain, blockages and traumas. Surrender into healing and being healed through a beautiful and simple method.


Chakra Dreams by Carol Cavalaris
A playful and efficient way to manifest your hearts true wishes, without necessarily knowing what you want from the start. Whether you have a clear wish or a vague idea, this method helps you  understand your wish and yourself better. It also helps you transform the blockages, fears, traumas and beliefs which have kept you from living your true dreams and the wishes of your heart.
Furthermore, this method is a good way to practice multidimensional journeying and accessing your fantasy, as well as using your imagination. All of this as you follow the evolution of a beautiful butterfly, enchanting the inner child and providing a focus point for cooperation between the various levels of your multidimensional self.


My roots are on fire by Fiery-Fire
In this practice, we truly unite what we have learned about Darkness Divine with our Loving Light and experience multiple, full body orgasms – the kind of “energy based” orgasms which are known to those who have practiced surrendering into the flow of sexual and creative energy.
The Root Fire Orgasm Ride expands this experience through riding the awesome True Love power pouring up from the very depths of Existence through the roots of your Being, inspiring you to reach out in True Loving as your multidimensional self meet in your heart. Experience ecstasy and healing of cells, DNA, consciousness, the heart, You…
We go for this ride without touching genitals or removing clothes.


5th, 12th and 19th of Mai
2nd of June
(one week brake between the third and the fourth session)
Time: 18.30 – 22.30
(Between 18.30 – 19.00 there is time to drink tea, have a snack, socialize…)
Location: Seminarzentrum Heureka, Vienna

To go through the journey, participation in all four evenings is required. Should you for example get ill or for some other, unexpected reason not be able to attend one of the evenings, this is a part of the process and you will still be participating – no matter where you are.

130 Euro per person for all four evenings.
Additionally all participants will have the opportunity to make
a private session with me for only 25 Euro.
If you sense that you want to participate, but do not have the money right now, please feel invited to contact me.

Registration via mail to susan@florries.net + pre-payment of 25-50 Euro
(payment details will be sent to you as you register)
Maximum number of participants: 12

I recommend this workshop to people who already have had experiences 
with spiritual and emotional work and who are ready to dive deep.

0676 – 9702329

This workshop journey will be in English.
Even if I live in Austria the last 11 years and speak German fluently,
English is more natural to me than German, since I work and write in English.
Furthermore, most of my research into this matter has been conducted in English. I also want this journey to be open to our wider community, including those who cannot speak German.

Since I am a non-native speaker, my English is quite straightforward, and you are always welcome to ask me to clarify things in German!

FEEEEEL WELCOME!!!  Freue mich auf euch!


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