A Dance for Gaia – Teaser


A step in hope for liberation and regeneration. Movement in rhythm with the flow of life. A ceremony for the being that we call home.

Click here for A Dance for Gaia – Teaser

Sparked by an impulse of compassion, an unknown Goddess arrives, takes on the colors of the surroundings and dances for Gaia.

Click here for A Dance for Gaia Making Of – Teaser

Concept, storytelling and transformational performance by Susan Florries www.florries.net

Body painting, photography, graphic design and compositing by Peter Engelhardt www.diegoettin.com

Necklaces, costume, making-of photos and space holding by Julia von Ungern-Sternberg www.yoga-atelier333.de

Head feather jewelry by Einat Ran www.einatfreedomyoga.com

Wand by Tom Xu – Arts of the Soul – MaPrin Creations www.facebook.com/5dtools



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