The color of night
the color of sin
shining so bright
it is where we begin

let go, breathe, take it all in
don’t put up a fight
just allow it – and sink in

Into the utmost preciousness
it gathers your faults
with grace and kindness
it opens your vaults

It is when you are sleepless
that you need it the most
let it take in your weakness
and hand you your dose

of love unending
just let it be
there’s no point defending
let it bring you closer to thee

forever shining
without light and gleaming
in your heart divining
whatever you’re dreaming

an endless power
just open to the source
now is the hour
as always, of course

Into the Darkness
dive in and become flow
it’ll surprise you with softness
and allow you to grow

no matter what state
of mind you are in
it is your fate
to travel within

Darkness will give you
the peace that you seek
hold you and embrace you
allow you to be weak

you’ll come out stronger
it is almost for sure
your light will shine longer
if you open up to the core

one step only
it is all that it takes
take it from me
you HAVE what it takes

it is all within you
in the here and the now
let Darkness simply do
and you will go wow…

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