A Fairytale

A Fairytale freely tells adventures from all over Existence, from here and there, beyond time and space, into Now
and True Loving…

A Fairytale is a constantly changing creation myth which takes you on a journey from beyond time and space to the beginning of creation, through the past and into the now. It plays freely with a multitude of topics, ranging from contemporary science to various belief systems, mythology and metaphysics, bathing them in cuteness and humor, finding its way into the heart of almost any listener. As hearts connect, A Fairytale brings you on a journey through your own known concepts and characters into worlds beyond words…

Born in 2003 out of a short story of eight sentences, A Fairytale is constantly expanding, transforming and evolving – however, at its core it stays the same – it is a story about how we are all here to love. It has never been told the same way twice, adjusting to every group, activating the group mind, facilitating multidimensional exchange and individual liberation.

A Fairytale is told by Susan Florries, in collaboration with a growing number of artists from all over the world. Various performances were made in 2016 – below images from the Tree of Life Festival in Austria (with the group Tranceformance) as well as from Boom Festival Portugal (with the Spirit Dancers). Besides from this are photos from rehearsals with the Spirit Dancers before Boom, as well as one still image from a shooting by a fire in 2015.

More performances, art, video and podcasts are in preparation! Movement, fire, music, visual pleasure and more strenghtens the wordless communication of A Fairytale. It brings the audience even further into and out of the various dimensions of the story – promising mesmerizing experiences and Gui-Dance into Self…


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