SUSAN FLORRIES is a storyteller, dancer, singer and filmmaker who also specializes in the performance arts. Furthermore she offers workshops for spiritual and personal development as well as transformational guidance for organizations, companies, intentional communities, groups and individuals. Born in Sweden 1977, she moved to Spain at the turn of the Millennia and moved on to Vienna, Austria, in 2004.

Susan collaborates with various artists locally and globally, at the moment foremost in the field of performance and storytelling. At the core of her work stands a lifelong wish to inspire kindness, compassion and the liberation of the mind, inspiring presence and magical moments, as well as to contribute to a deeper understanding of human behavior and spiritual experience. She has a talent for improvising songs, guided meditations and A Fairytale

University studies: Spanish, Spanish Literature and Basque Culture, History of Science and Ideas, Sociology, Theater Science, Film Science. Stockholm Film School (1999 – 2000). Received and is receiving guidance from various elders, participated in various workshops, learning yoga, active in the Vienna group The Spirit Dancers.