A Blooming Society

A Theory on A Blooming Society and the Positive Multitude is essentially about why we should be nice to one another. Starting out from a sociological perspective, this meta-theory states that the driving feature of evolution, at least human evolution, is that each being is unique and strives to share and develop its uniqueness as much as possible.  To do this, each being actually gains from supporting all other beings as much as they can.

More and more scientific findings and theories show how not just our capacity of cooperating and exchange but also of loving, trusting, feeling and empathy that has given us a large part of the advantage that we currently hold in the process of natural selection on this planet. Other theories show that “acting altruistically” can, from our point of view, seem “egoistic” instead of “altruistic”, and that our view point is deeply influenced by our understanding of a situation, and our understanding is in its turn influenced by several factors. A Theory on A Blooming Society and the Positive Multitude summarizes several of these scientific findings, theories and view points, bringing them together through the reasoning around the two concepts mentioned in its title:

  • A Blooming Society
  • The positive multitude

I started developing this theory in 2001 and have enough material to write a book. I might do that when I have time. As I see it now, a short version will be published online during 2016.

The interest in the themes of this theory has grown considerably since 2001 and the expansion of valuable research and philosophical discourse around them continues. My intent is to gather some of all these vast amount of ideas, theories and scientific findings and share them from my perspective – a perspective that is unique, just like the perspective of any one is.

My future vision is a middle length, online publication, with links to related videos, articles, research, etc – facilitating a continuous journey for readers.



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