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I realized that I have 25 years of experience with spiritual and personal development. Actually a lifetime. For example I remember often seeing my diseased grandfather standing next to my bed when I was a small child, feeling so safe by his presence. I also used to relax deeply before sleeping and experience that I floated into a starry sky, merging with the universe. And I would meditate by staring at a fixed point of light as far back as I can remember, completely letting go of thought. I had no idea that this was considered a difficult meditation until I was 23.

It has been 25 years since I read the Tao and started to follow it’s teachings together with a group of friends while I lived in Bilbao. 1,5 year later I read a Journey into consciousness by Charles Breaux and started working with tantra meditations regularly (not primarily the sexual kind, tantra is larger than that). 1,5 years after that I met my first spiritual teacher in Mallorca. Now I’m becoming one myself, although I call myself an Explorer. One is never done with this path.

It’s time to share and give. It has taken courage to do so and I’m proud of myself. Follow me @ and if you have experience with my work, please write a review!

So much love and gratitude to you all!

Photo by Daniel von Malmborg

Bracelets for fundraiser on the way!

What a week! Almost every step a small success, turning into a flood of contentment. One very happy private client. Three new, really good workshop concepts. Fine tuned presentation/pitch. The results of the latter two things gave three new potential business clients. This works! What I do brings immediate and long term results.

I look in my calendar and see how far I’ve come in just a couple of months. Reflected on this with one of my dearest friends yesterday. She’s really proud of me. So am I.

And the bracelets for my fundraiser are on their way. I mean, just look at them! So precious, a gift from my dear friend Daniella. If you want your own, beautiful bracelet and support my new company in the process, feel free to contribute to – for Swish and PayPal, contact me.

Darkness Divine

As we now move towards the dark time of the year, I want to reach out and talk about the importance of surrendering to the divine darkness. To stop using the word darkness to describe something bad.

Among other things, divine darkness has been described in deeper interpretations of the Yin force, the so-called female side of the Yin-Yang symbol. It is associated, among other things, with flow, water and soft shapes. This power is needed for balance within both men and women.

In my opinion, it is useless and harmful to strive to fill everything with light. If you do that, you can easily burn yourself out. An imbalance occurs and there is a great risk of trying to understand everything, instead of diving into ones inner wisdom and intuition.

Do you know that black holes create life? They can even give birth to stars Another theory of how they do it is a process called Hawking radiation It describes how particles are created and in a certain way jump into the universe around black holes. I could tell you more about this and other science that touches the subject, but I will get back to that another time.

Darkness Divine. In the darkness there is a gigantic force just waiting to be released in so many “love and light” personalities. That was cheeky of me to say maybe, but I want to be honest, because it is important. This is not about accepting the darkness because you accept “evil”. Nor to deny that “evil” does not exist in our dimension. But about the WORD itself, and words have power.

Feel free to call it Darkness Divine instead of just “darkness” if that makes you feels better. But make friends with this amazing force. It provides enormous relaxation and access to deep roots for body and soul.

Soon I will make a short film about this, but I wanted to share it with you now. Anyone who wants to know more about how I think is welcome to contact me.


My dearest friend Daniella, who designed my new logo (so looking forward to show it to you), gave the most amazing present to my new FB fundraiser! Ca 100 unique bracelets which she made herself, with love and in a meditative state. They contain crystals like turquoise, tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, etc.

Aren’t they so beautiful??!!! I simply love them!

Every person who contributes to the fundraiser will receive one bracelet as a gift, well at least the first 100 people to do so.

Cannot describe in words how I deeply touched I am 🙏

And remember – 500 or 5 Euro, it doesn’t matter, it’s about doing it together ❤️