Let’s love men


A male friend commented on a recent post I did on “One Billion Rising” – a movement acting to stop and raise awareness on violence against women and girls – saying that he HATES MEN. Through an emoticon he then expressed his sadness about the behavior of (some) men. This is my answer:

Beautiful friend, please LOVE MEN and thus – love yourself. I do as well, as much as I can, more and more every day. I honor and cherish every man who has the courage to dive into their emotions and other spaces that has been just as prohibited for them as, for example, political power has been for women in our history.

So many men are exposed to violence every day, most often (even if not always), men are and have been the vast majority of soldiers in every war since at least 6000 years. On top of that, they have been, and – globally – often still are, kept from having deep and meaningful relationships with their children.

More than often, men have also carried the role of enforcing our strange laws and cultural habits, themselves forced by social contracts and the pressure to provide food, shelter, money – not for only themselves but also for their families, tribes, wider community, country… How often have not priests, lawyers, kings, knights, noblemen, politicians, chiefs, husbands, fathers been (felt…) forced to act against their own hearts, against their inner child, against their intuition – against the very things that make us human – to do their job.

Men also suffer greatly under expectations. We often talk about how many roles a modern woman is expected to fulfill – what about the men? There are expectations on them to be that strong warrior, the gentleman (but not too much, it can be considered provocative), have a well trained body, have a well-paid job that preferably also should be exiting and impressive, travel (preferably to exiting places doing smth dangerous) AND take care of their children, spend a lot of time with their significant other, etc etc.

I could go on but I am tired…. (I wrote this just before going to sleep).

But I wanted to write this, to myself and to you, to just say – lets LOVE MEN. Lets forgive and forget. Lets release our old stories and write new ones. Lets discover – beneath our stories and cultural interpretations – what it really means to be a man and what it means to be a woman.

I think that the disrespect and aggression that some men show towards women, as well as their own children, only mirrors their inner pain and the aggression and disrespect that they are shown and have been exposed to themselves.

I deeply honor all the amazing men in my life, so many of which are in a deep, courageous, conscious and heartfelt process of healing their patterns and themselves. You are one of them.

Love yourself 🙂
Big hug!

(The text above was written after One Billion Rising 2016, just found it today as a “memory” reminder generated by Facebook. Below a quote from a good article about men and feelings.)

“Just because men aren’t adept at expressing their feelings, don’t for a minute think they don’t feel, and feel deeply. Many times, men express their feelings using a secret code—a code that even they can’t decipher.

Men may convert one feeling into another. Men may convert stereotypically feminine feelings, such as sadness or vulnerability, into feelings like anger or pride—feelings more socially acceptable for them to experience.”



I am the thousand faces of GodGoddess (spoken word)

the thousand faces of GodGoddess
true i stand
hand in hand
with you and the universe
don’t have to be first
except in my life
oneness in loving
uniqueness in being
i am seeing
our potential enfolding
i know what i am holding (unfolding)
truth be told
i have been feeling cold
longing to be True

everywhere i go
everywhere i see
i find LOVE
and the great gifts of all beings

we have it all and eternal power
now is the (11th) hour

follow and lead
lead and follow
and sing with me

we are better
i wanna be free
with you, forever

let’s be clever
and unite
save this world tonight (today)

you know what they say
great times have come our way
i walk in beauty
when you think that i sway
i am just
to the chimes of change
all is changing, breathing


in loving
i call you
can you hear me?
You call me
i hear you every time
i love your shine
the thousand faces of GoddessGod
walk with me
in true beauty, loving and liberty

Have Faith
in Thee
Have Faith
in me

 wake up and live your destiny
your birthright to

know thy true nature
know that nothing is too late
have faith

Channeled by Susan Florries. Image by New Evolutions Design

Metaphysical Beliefs

In short – I think we were once One-True-Love, now becoming One-and-Apart in True Love. In that process, we need to accept that we know nothing, but that every unique being knows a unique truth. I also think that somehow, at least in this Universe, all of One is coming into Creation at this point, and that is the reason for the evolution of consciousness that all of Existence in this Universe is experiencing (we particularly at the dates which the Maya Calender points out). I’m sure that many physicists would say that this is just fantasy – and yes, this is just fairytale, I love science, but these are my metaphysical beliefs and visions, nothing more, but also nothing less.

I also think that all that is experienced as “evil” is just Creation showing us what is not yet in place for True Love to flow. I also think, that with this insight, together with the insight that all is “One”, the “evil beings” are the ones who have made the largest sacrifice.

There is so much talk about “high” and “low” parts on ones being – I must say, I think “larger self” is a better term for “higher self”, although “larger” is also a measurement, it comes closer to acceptance of all that is. And the insight that Higher and Lower are words full of “value” in many of our societies, ideologies, etc, and I think, it can give the evolving mind a false impression. “Entire Being” can also be a term, in contrast to “Ego”. Its anyhow just about aspects of Self and One, in different dimensions, all just as valuable and amazing.

There is also much talk about all being One and letting in “the light” of Oneness, but little talk about the Divine Darkness as a part of that – as far as I have heard. Divine Darkness is the awesome Yin power in Creation, which is also the power of surrendering, of knowing without pretending “to know it all”. I think that it is time to stop using terms like “dark magic” and call it what it is – “demanding magic”. Darkness has nothing to do with what we call “evil”, rather on the contrary – surrendering to Unconditional Love in all, and not steering magic, is the lesson of Divine Darkness, of Yin-magic. Yang is setting the action, the seed, Yin is letting it grow with the rest of Existence, without pretending to control how. If you pretend to control how, you are using “Demanding Magic”, and will eventually burn out.

To tell “the true story of creation” I personally think that one has to be All of Creation – and even if we are all One, we are all just aspects of that one – you, me, angels, ascended beings, the Sun, Gaia, the Moon, everything, everybody.

I think that just as shamans say that “the human is the dream of the dolphin”, we are all the dreams of each other.

Everyone are prophets, All are creators. Together.

I love you – we love each other – all LOVES.

you are unique – all you do is ground-breaking

These are just words and thoughts. All I know is that I know nothing. My beliefs are under constant evolution.