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Me 4 years ago dancing with grafiti artist Judith Rhrmoser to the awesome rhythms of – published 4 years on the day before capturing A Dance for Gaia



I feel that this is truly an excellent time to walk your talk and the path of the heart. My guidance tells me that inner and outer change, large or small, in the direction of love, compassion, honor, impeccability and respectful behavior will be rewarded faster than usual.

A heartfelt recommendation is to always check where your joy is telling you to go and even if I talk about joy, I and many others know that this is serious. Joy is a deep signal from the soul, the spirit and the divine which, when allowed to flow, has the potential to heal your body and mind.

It is important to check that the joy comes from the heart, not only from the head.

Even very depressed people, or individuals experiencing a truly rough day, can feel this joy, in short moments. One simply has to breathe, listen and trust that spark of inspiration, no matter how small or strange it might seem.


A Dance for Gaia Making Of

Naturmagie / Fairy Magic Workshop


(English below): Erlebe und praktiziere Magie durch einfache Tricks und spielerische Methoden aus der Welt des Naturwesens:
Feenstaub zaubern, Stab basteln und verwenden, Magie machen, Herzenswünsche erfüllen…

Der Workshop dauert ca 30 – 45 Minuten. Am kommenden Dienstag nachmittag gibt es die Möglichkeit für mehrere Gruppen, diese kleine Reise ins magischen hinein zu erfahren…

Je nach Bedarf und Wünschen kann ich den Workshop für Kinder als auch Erwachsene zeitlich flexibel gestalten – auf Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch oder Schwedisch.

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