I feel that this is truly an excellent time to walk your talk and the path of the heart. My guidance tells me that inner and outer change, large or small, in the direction of love, compassion, honor, impeccability and respectful behavior will be rewarded faster than usual.

A heartfelt recommendation is to always check where your joy is telling you to go and even if I talk about joy, I and many others know that this is serious. Joy is a deep signal from the soul, the spirit and the divine which, when allowed to flow, has the potential to heal your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Never mind where the joy starts. It can come from the mind and give the spirit a boost, or the other way around. When it comes to joy, all paths are impeccable.

Even very depressed people, or individuals experiencing a truly rough day, can feel joy, even deep joy, in short moments. One simply has to breathe, listen and trust that spark of inspiration, no matter how small or strange it might seem.


A Dance for Gaia Making Of

5 years celebration of World Public Forum short documentary

Around this time 5 years ago, I was finished with organizing about the first half of the interviews that are in this film about the 10th anniversary of the amazing World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations. It was a great pleasure and honor to make it!

World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations was the first to predict the financial crisis of 2008, years before anyone else. The thing that impressed me the most, is that they did so with heart, soul and a clear idea of the path of deep transformation that society needs.

The first clip below is a trailer, the second is the film. I can recommend watching it, it is full of interesting people, point of views and ideas. This first film that I made about the forum introduces their thoughts and their philosophy. It is a joy to watch and take it in, since many of the visitors of this forum are influential in their own right. At the same time you hear from people and countries that are not often heard from in main stream media.

The third film below is from the forum the year after. It is quite revolutionary in its statements and content, and I can highly recommend it.

The films are simple documentations of a conference, but particularly the second one almost feels like a low budget documentary. With both films I can almost guarantee that you will feel inspired and more knowledgeable after watching.


A Dance for Gaia


A step in hope for liberation and regeneration. Movement in rhythm with the flow of life. A ceremony for the being that we call home. Sparked by an impulse of compassion, an unknown Goddess arrives, takes on the colors of the surroundings and dances for Gaia.

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Concept, storytelling and transformational performance by Susan Florries

Body painting, photography, graphic design and compositing by Peter Engelhardt

Necklaces, costume, making-of photos and space holding by Julia von Ungern-Sternberg

Head feather jewelry by Einat Ran

Wand by Tom Xu – Arts of the Soul – MaPrin Creations


Gui-Dance into Power



Dance is and has been one of the most natural ways for the human race to connect with the Divine, all over the world, all throughout history. Dancing can inspire your mind, heal your body, guide you to spirit, deeply nurture your soul and open your heart.

I have been dancing my whole life, I learned from many teachers from various cultures and walks of life. I love to dance and I know how to let music and movement guide me into passion, ecstacy and deep connection – with myself as well as with others. Ever since I was a teenager, I have again and again experienced that I have a gift to inspire others to flow into their dance passion and I love getting inspired just as much!

During the last five years I have envisaged and experimented with combining my passion for dance with my work with assisting others in the process of spiritual transformation. Lately I have been fortunate enough to get to manifest and test my dream, with wonderful and truly inspiring results. Now I feel deeply grateful, excited and ready to offer this journey publically.

As dancing just as spiritual connection goes beyond words, I will not say much more, but simply extend this heartfelt invitation to you:

Come. Dance with me. Let’s shake our bodies, feel deeply, have fun, meditate, integrate, surrender into our essence, into our True Selves, into the Divine – into Power ♥


Simple English mixed with occasional clarifications in German.

Please confirm your participation with a personal message to me here on Facebook or with mail to


70 Euro including organic fruit and tea.

To provide stability for our journey, I ask every participant to confirm their registration with a pre-payment of 25 Euro via bank or Paypal transfer. Further details about this will be given to you when you register via mail. If you have any questions around this, feel welcome to contact me under

The beautiful Temple Space of the Academy of Visionary Arts, Döblergasse 2, 1070 Vienna.

Further information, details on how to prepare and what to bring will be sent to you after confirming your participation.