Please help crowdfund the wonderful Victoria Lozar

My wonderful friend Victoria Lozar just released this campaign on Patreon, and I am reaching out from heart and soul for her – please support! This young, incredibly talented dancer and beautiful soul not only makes fantastic performances, but also helps people liberate their own dance genius! I have had the honor to be Victorias friend for two years and I have watched her working so hard – she has earned our help a hundred times over.

I know few people like Victoria – she is authentic, hard working, kind and a deeply beautiful soul. She is also one of my best friends who, in spite of her age, has become one of the people who I rely most upon to reflect with. She is a wise, magical woman who is walking in beauty – lets help her so that she can walk in ease.

She never had a start-up capital or rich parents to help her do what she does, and being a freelancer myself I know – to get going one needs people who help you in the beginning. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN! Your gift is in this case truly a gift to the world, because that is what Vicky is!

Oh, and check out the video, edited by me ūüôā

Naturmagie / Fairy Magic Workshop


(English below): Erlebe und praktiziere Magie durch einfache Tricks und spielerische Methoden aus der Welt des Naturwesens:
Feenstaub zaubern, Stab basteln und verwenden, Magie machen, Herzensw√ľnsche erf√ľllen…

Der Workshop dauert ca 30 – 45 Minuten. Am kommenden Dienstag nachmittag gibt es die M√∂glichkeit f√ľr mehrere Gruppen, diese kleine Reise ins magischen hinein zu erfahren…

Je nach Bedarf und W√ľnschen kann ich den Workshop f√ľr Kinder als auch Erwachsene zeitlich flexibel gestalten – auf Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch oder Schwedisch.

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Darkness Divine- Summer 2016, Vienna

The flow is open РI WELCOME YOU to participate in a Darkness Divine  Journey during Summer Season of 2016!

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In Summer 2016, Darkness Divine journeys will take place in Vienna with surroundings, sometimes in nature, at other times in my studio as well as in a seminar room. It is open for 8-10 participants, extends for about 5-6 weeks and contains 5 session á 4 hours.

0676 ‚Äď 9702329

DARKNESS DIVINE – creating and loving through the power of grace

Simulation of a black hole in front of the Magellanic Cloud, Wikipedia

Surrender into the grace of the Divine – come on a journey into discovering and enjoying a source of massive power that lies at the very core of YOU

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