radical freedom

For me, the problems of the world are not the main issue at the moment. There are “problems”, systems, ways of acting, thoughts, etc in need of transformation. However, much more important to me is the challenge: to be authentic, to stand up for what you really are and what you believe, without fear of what “others might think”, to be ready to transform yourself with every step you take, to surrender, completely, to compassion and grace, which leads to feeling your inner love, true love and to live in true loving. That is freedom. That brings flow into living. And to live radical inner and outer freedom is the challenge – now.

Claim your space. Claim yourself. Be authentic. Breath in freedom, breath out freely. Surrender to grace. Feel whatever, let it go and become a vessel of compassion. Be what you are in every moment, and let it go, to be what you are in the next moment.
Be love. Live loving.
And all that in radical freedom.

NOW  : )   <3

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and the waiting is over

Dialogue of Civilizations for Successful Global Changes

Documentary made by me : )

“Leading members of the World Public Forum network community from different fields of expertise met at the ancient Greek Island with colorful southern landscapes on the background, accompanied by harmonious chants and music. This relaxing atmosphere contrasts with the content of the Forum’s intense proceedings. The speakers presented their vision of the existing challenges of globalization including the growing risks of wars, economic crises, climate changes, poverty and many others.

Global changes we are encountering today represent the objective processes that however may result differently. The task of all responsible members of the global society as seen by WPF community is therefore to make the outcome successful and the world at least a little more harmonious for everyone.

What unites all the voices is dialogical approach to human life implying openness, mutual trust and respect and striving for eliminating many injustices of the existing reality.”

I am the thousand faces of the Goddess (spoken word)

I am the thousand faces of the Goddess
true i stand
hand in hand
with you and the universe
don’t have to be first
except in my life
oneness, always
uniqueness in being
i am seeing
our potential enfolding
i know what i am holding (unfolding)
truth be told
i have been cold
in lack of
longing to the lands above (below)
but the further i go
i find LOVE
and great gifts of being(s)
we are given all and power
now is the (11th) hour
don’t follow anyone
but please dance
and sing with me
we are better
i wanna be free
with you, forever
let’s be clever
and unite
save this world tonight (today)
you know what they say
great times have come our way
i walk and i sway
but hey
i can hear the chimes of change
all is changing, breathing
i am seated at my mother’s and my father’s
with all my sisters and brothers
we are one
there are no other(s)
all is
BLISS and love
i call you
can you hear me
you call me
i aim to hear you every time
i love your shine
nothing is too late
Text Susan Florries, for copyright policy click here  Image by New Evolutions Design