Darkness Divine: creating and loving through the power of grace


Liberate your mind, soul and spirit from any idea that Darkness is evil, destructive or dangerous. Open yourself to a massive power that lies at the very core of your being… Come with me on a journey during which we will discover and enjoy the precious gift of that which many have called “the return of the Divine Feminine”.

During FOUR THURSDAY EVENINGS we will dance out of the light into darkness and back into the light again. The ultimate goal is to do this with every breath, with that little pause of Nothing in between…

As we move from the depth of Winter into the creative burst of Spring, we join forces – dance, massage ourselves and our spirits, practice communication with our souls through various meditation techniques and other practises. I look forward to learning from you and I will share all from spiritual to scientific knowledge, a Fairytale or two, some methods that I have learned as well as three of my own methods (see below).

This workshop is not about denying the power of Light, or Loving Light as I like to call it. It is about losing the fear of Darkness, learning how to feel it as Darkness Divine and thus being able to use and live through both of these powers – Darkness and Light, Yin and Yang – letting your Being dance in more freedom, opening up a massive storage of power as well as potential for more true loving.

Darkness/Yin and Light/Yang are intimately connected. Our focus and goal lies on integrating the power of Darkness/Yin with our Light/Yang and learn how to perform acts normally connected to Light/Yang power – like manifestation or protection – through starting out of your Darkness/Yin power. In my experience this is very liberating, it saves you a lot of energy and opens up a vast, creative potential.


Among other things, I will share the following methods – all gifts that I have had the honor of manifesting through my own dance with Darkness Divine:

Protect and heal yourself from all from projections to your own pain through surrender. Feel how it is all connected and surrender into healing and being healed through a beautiful and very simple method. Plant multidimensional flowers and let the awesome power of grace, True Love and True Loving do the work for you.

A playful and efficient way to manifest your hearts true wishes, without necessarily knowing what you want from the start. Whether you start with a clear wish or a vague idea, it helps you understand your wish and yourself better. It also lets you work with the blockades that you have – fears, traumas, beliefs, etc – which have kept you from manifesting your dreams and wishes earlier. Furthermore, this method is a good way to practice inner/multidimensional journeying and visualisation as well as access the power of fantasy.

In this practise, we truly unite what we have learned about Darkness Divine with our Loving Light and experience multiple, implosive orgasms – without taking our clothes of, touching our genitals, etc. This type of orgasm is mostly known to women who are comfortable with their sexuality. The Earth Fire Orgasm Ride is a direct and simple way of practicing and expanding this experience through riding the awesome power of Earth and through that, the power of that which lies beyond words… Experience exstacy and healing of cells, DNA, consciousness, the heart, You…


Please note:
I recommend this workshop to people who already have had experiences with spiritual and emotional work and who are ready to dive deep. THE CULTURAL PROGRAMMING DENYING US ACCESS TO DARKNESS DIVINE IS VERY POWERFUL… We will have fun, the methods are playful, I have done this before and it is usually beautiful as well as practical and very liberating. However, think twice and ask yourself if you are ready. If you feel unsure about it, feel free to contact me.

25th of February
3rd, 10th and 24th of March
(one week brake between the third and the fourth session)

Seminarzentrum Heureka, Hermanngasse 30/2/1, 1070 VIENNA

100 Euro per person for all four evenings.
If you strongly feel that you want to participate, but it is too expensive for you, please contact me and we might find a way!

Please send me an email to confirm your participation!

0676 – 9702329

Facebook-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1136559196357337/

I do give workshops in German, however, this workshop will be in English, for three reasons:
– Most of my research into this matter – scientific as well as metaphysical – has been conducted in English.
– Even if I live in Austria the last 11 years, English is more natural to me than German, since I work and write in English. It is even becoming more natural to me to speak English than my native tounge Swedish. Strange but true :)
– Several people who are interested in participating this time do not speak German.

I promise that the English will be kept on a level understandable for most people and you are always welcome to ask me to clarify things in German!!

FEEEEEL WELCOME!!! Freue mich auf euch!

Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution.

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Counting the days to finally get to read the upcoming book by my brilliant friend Lorraine Voss! The stunning cover is by her husband Don Voss
I am convinced that this book will be a hit – it deserves to be!

“It is with great excitement to announce that my book entitled Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution. is in final review and will be released within the next four to six weeks.

You will find this book to differ greatly from my blog posts and recent eBook as it is a narrative that centers on personal interactions with long-term benefactors, Nayeli and Alejandro, and friend, El Cuervo, who have been purposely omitted from writings to this point in an effort to protect their identities. It is filled with in-depth experience and discussion that assists in heightening awareness and the realization of authentic being.”
Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution.

“A profoundly beautiful and inspiring message for our modern world, filled with wonderful humor and profound insights. Lorraine Voss shares her story with integrity and openness, offering a subtle and engaging journey into the traditional lineage of ancient wisdom that will deepen any reader’s commitment to freedom.”
John Major Jenkins, author of The 2012 Story and Mayan Sacred Science