A Fairy Tale by Susan Florries –

Dancers: Wolf Berg, Victoria Lozar, Daniel Schatzdorfer

Music: Tom Soltron “Divine Land”

Thanks to Boom Festival and Marta Gato

A Fairy Tale freely tells True Loves adventures from all over existence, beyond time and space, into now and true loving.

This saga started in 2003 as a short story of eight sentences, which still remains its baseline up until today. It can be told in a myriad of ways in all from one minute to several hours and it can be all from entertaining to sad, from deep to whimsical, but it is always touching. It has never been told in the same way twice. It is now a never-ending, ever evolving story about True Love’s journey through time, space and beyond.

At its core it is a story about True Love learning how to love.

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Fascination arises
it’s all new
everything’s different
’cause now there’s you

In my mind
and all around
my soul dancing
to the rhythm that I found

Diving deeply
with all of me
every dimension
yearning for thee

Fear arises
what if I just stumble
falling clumsily
as my dreams crumble

There’s so much
that I simply lack
will you still love me
will you have my back?

I’m not all
what I want to be
not strong, not complete
feeling like I need thee

Should be self sufficient
to be loved for real
how can you want me
when fear I feel?

I take these questions
and throw them aside
my desire so strong
I can no longer hide

Passion arises
it’s all I can feel
as your touch leaves me
with nothing to heal

I am complete
in your embrace
with strength and courage
every fear I face

I’ve already fallen
My walls are down
they crumbled before you
I feel that I found

Everything I ever wanted
inside of thee
come let us dance
together we’ll be free

I’ll grow self sufficient
through your touch
my love will grow
’cause I want you so much

I will heal
’cause you are here
come lay beside me
let’s be completely near

I’m yours from this day
as love so complete
is flowing freely
when your eyes mine meet

Fascination arises
fear abounds
passion and love
grow in my grounds

I fell completely
now I’m standing up
as you gave me the courage
to fill my own cup

So deep is our love
so grateful am I
so humbled by the fact
that we both now can fly


Come dear poison
feel free to enter
I’ll take you inside
but not to my center

With my heart protected
the blood is boiling
you aim for my life
but your plans I’m spoiling

Taking you instead
on a journey through my soul
showing how we truly
are one and all

As I acknowledge
our connection in love
a blast of light
comes from above

I lay down
in darkness divine
letting our spirits
dance and intertwine

So much wisdom
pouring through my veins
dangerous but potent
upon me it gains

There’s no escape
only one road to take
stay focused, make no mistake

One wrong turn
and all is lost
burn I would
if I don’t exhaust

That of you, poison dear
which causes me pain
breathing, sweating
fighting to stay sane

Won’t let you take my brain
You attack in vain

I will remain
and gently steal
that of you
which makes me heal

Knowing it’s in there
amassing all force
for a second
I am almost entirely yours

Then I strike
as fast as you
intuition knowing
exactly what to do

Breathing, relaxing
but there’s no surrender
will throw you out
but keep your splendor

Poison dear
come dance with me
so grateful for your touch
let’s be really near

One step closer
and I’ll strike you down
there’s no surrender
here I wear the crown

Boiling my blood
staying sane
focused and firm
using heart, soul and brain

And then there it is
my salvation
the splendid fruit
of this deep transmutation

Dearest poison
I won over thee
gratefully releasing
what doesn’t belong to me

Your wisdom is now mine
my body I keep
I’m still alive
not deep asleep

Not lost forever
no I’m here
showed you your place
released the fear

Exiting enriched
by your donation
dangerous but magical
is transmutation