A breath we take
so easily
yet what is it that make
you you and me me?

Being alive
comes naturally
but to live fully we strive
just like to be free

No matter how hard I try
something remains fake
I’m honest, I won’t lie
you can see it in the face I make

Truthful and happy
is how I sometimes feel
but I seem to lack the key
to always be real

It’s either this or that trauma
that stands in the way
wanna call out for mama
but I’m grown up I say

Should be making it
on my own
instead I’m faking it
I’m not fully grown

You seem so strong they say
maybe it’s all just an act
I do feel weak and I sway
can tell you that is a fact

It might be like this for everyone
If so I wanna be the exception
to wake up with my freedom won
and thaw out what was frozen

Yet here I stand
right in my own way
like a statue, a brand
I know, I’m changing but hey

– it’s not enough
I want it now
I know I’m too tough
on myself somehow

But how can I feel
just want to be real
now (fast, not meekly)

or never
phew, I have to stay focused
and very clever
I wonder, can I trust

that I will walk freely
somewhere, someday
take a chance to be me
come what may

Yes what is it that makes
a person who they are
and what is it that brakes
the lies and forms a star

Can I make it?
Don’t know, we will see
I might fall into a pit
or finally be free

I will do what I can
I assure you of that
it is my plan
my only combat

is within
a fight to be real
I relax and I win
feel what I really feel

One of these days
maybe I can say
it has been a maze
but I made my way

into being me
without masks or fakes
yes I will finally be free
whatever it takes


Equal resistance
equal flow
to where I will dance
nobody knows

What is behind me
can stay there in peace
I say farewell kindly
move forward, release

A wind of change
upon my breath
it is within range
my conscious death

Re-birth is next
I guess, I suppose
don’t know what to expect
but the future glows

Never before
have I felt like this
passion and more
touched by bliss

Pain screaming inside
I’m falling apart
can no longer hide
from the wish of my heart

Newborn I will be
come tomorrow, I’m in place
to deep and consciously
pick up the pace

Flow into a new dance
the steps I will know
I will take the chance
I’m ready to go

For all the chances that I blew
my fear I will take
turn it into something new
letting go of the fake

Real I will be
you can trust my word
it’s as easy as one, two, three
and jump on the third

Yes to change
no to stagnation
it will feel strange
but it is my salvation

Transformation is now
I wished and it came
with trust I vow
to release my aim

Tomorrow I will
think differently
new wishes to still
I hope I will be free

to consciously
follow my heart
bloom out and be
in this brand new start

Yes never before
have I felt like this
afraid no more
I will conquer this

Through surrendering
into what wants to be
falling apart and brewing
into a new me

Darkness Divine

The color of night
the color of sin
shining so bright
it is where we begin

let go, breathe, take it all in
don’t put up a fight
just allow it – and sink in

Into the utmost preciousness
it gathers your faults
with grace and kindness
it opens your vaults

It is when you are sleepless
that you need it the most
let it take in your weakness
and hand you your dose

of love unending
just let it be
there’s no point defending
let it bring you closer to thee

forever shining
without light and gleaming
in your heart divining
whatever you’re dreaming

an endless power
just open to the source
now is the hour
as always, of course

Into the Darkness
dive in and become flow
it’ll surprise you with softness
and allow you to grow

no matter what state
of mind you are in
it is your fate
to travel within

Darkness will give you
the peace that you seek
hold you and embrace you
allow you to be weak

you’ll come out stronger
it is almost for sure
your light will shine longer
if you open up to the core

one step only
it is all that it takes
take it from me
you HAVE what it takes

it is all within you
in the here and the now
let Darkness simply do
and you will go wow…