I feel it deeply
it’s almost creepy
a call from the wild
touching the heart of my inner child

I try to reside
in my middle
but all I want to do is to hide
from this pain
it’s completely insane
what we do to our Mother
many don’t even bother
to change their ways
we’re in a craze
a maze
or our own deceptions

We can’t make exceptions
we have to change now

I believe we can do it
if we put our hearts into it
get our minds lit
and solve the problems of mass destruction
change our ways of production
and limit our consumption

We can do it, we have to
Mother Earth is crying
there’s nothing else to do
I won’t be lying
it will be hard
but we only have one card to play
that is to change into a brand new way
and do it now

Otherwise it will be to late
take responsibility, it’s on your plate
it’s a great opportunity to take our faith
into our own hands

This is where it stands
Mother Earth is crying
and we can save our home
no one can do it alone
but together

we can create a miracle

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