I believe in magic but remain skeptical towards the Law of Attraction

With magic, belief, focus and dedication you can influence your surroundings to a large extent. I have experienced this many times and do not question that at all. The vibe that we carry and our capacity of being real, compassionate, staying true to our goals and surrender to love equally has an effect on how we perceive reality as well as interact with it. Of course it also generates reactions, and there is such a thing as cause and effect.

With all that said, in my experience, there are some fatal flaws in several of the presentations of the Law of Attraction that I have come across. Mainly I react on the following type of statements:

  • “The world around us and our life is a mirror of ourselves.”
    It is beautiful to recognize aspects of oneself in others. However, I believe that the universe is vast and creative, and that every being is unique. To think that you can see yourself everywhere, like in a mirror, is ego centered to me. It diminishes the experience of true connection and the real adventure of living.
  • “I get back what I send out.”
    Obviously our surroundings react to what and who we are in many ways on various levels. Nevertheless, life and reality is full of surprises and you are not in control of the entire existence or nature, nor the people or other beings around you. Even the most hateful person can receive love and forgiveness from unexpected sources.
  • “I create my reality”
    I agree with that our thoughts, feelings and emotions, etc, have an effect on reality. However, if you try to be in control, you are abusing your power. I’m not saying that you cannot achieve control to a large extent, at least for a while, but it comes at a high cost. Loneliness, lack of connection with your heart and soul, missing the awesome power of co-creation in freedom, etc. In the end, we co-create reality together with every other unique, awesome being in this vast existence, plus some forces even beyond that “control”. Without a foundation of love and a fluid state of awareness, your manifestations will crumble, sometimes with a very uncomfortable bang.

I could continue, but I think that you get the point. I’m not saying that all that is said about the Law of Attraction is wrong, I am just stating that one should be careful about getting too stuck on certain concepts constructed around it.

My opinion is also that sometimes, both great stuff and shit simply happens, without you having much or anything to do with it. That is life. It’s a ride!


If you want to practice magic, remember to let go of your spells in love and compassion. Respect the freedom of choice. And always be humble towards all other beings in and all aspects of the universe. Be patient and stay true to your core values. Let go. Receive without judgement. And remember that sometimes it is in the stillness in between that the greatest magic lies.


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